Optimizing and boosting the aluminium extrusion production

“It is not difficult to improve, but stabilizing the improvement is a matter of organization, methodology, proper tools of measurement and the right consultancy and guidelines to implement it: Atie Uno provides everything!”


1st Session: April 28th 10.30 AM – 11.15 AM (GMT+02 Rome time)

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“Atie Uno’s Continuous Improvement Process”

  • What is continuous improvement and how it can be measured?
  • Which are the most important OEE KPIs and how do we calculate them?
  • How do we implement a continuous improvement program and which are the different phases to be considered?
  • Goals achievable during a continuous improvement program
  • Extrusion Intelligence: case history
  • Questions and answers


2nd Session: May 5th 10.30 AM – 11.15 AM (GMT+02 Rome time)

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“EMS 3rd Generation Ecosystem: modules to measure, optimize, boost and manage the entire cycle of the extrusion process”

  • General Introduction to EMS 3rd G Ecosystem
  • Orders and Profiles Masters
  • Ulixes: the suite to check feasibility and get optimized extrusion parameters
  • Theoria Extrusion Planning: the unique and most advanced vertical planner for aluminium extrusion
  • Die master: the best tool to manage the entire life cycle of the dies
  • Press Supervisor: the system to track and optimize the extrusion presses
  • Questions and answers


3rd Session: May 8th 10.30 AM – 11.15 AM (GMT+02 Rome time)

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“How to maximize the advantages of Nitrogen in aluminium extrusion”

  • History of Nitrogen in aluminium extrusion
  • Nitrogen technologies: gas and liquid
  • Gas Nitrogen technology
  • Liquid Nitrogen technology
  • Planning the production: profile with gas or liquid Nitrogen?
  • How to recognize which technology I am currently using?
  • Atie Uno proposal to maximize the advantages: gas + liquid
  • Conclusion
  • Questions and answers